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Features at a glance.

  • Fast loading of all vehicles for label printing or inventory scanning.
  • You can inventory by location with reports showing variations and uploading to your DMS.
  • You can add vehicles to the vehicle inventory description list in DMS after scanning.
  • Serial number will explode for descriptions to add to your DMS system.
  • Labels can have key FOBs printed at the same time if desired.
  • Sorting of all lists and reports by column.
  • Column hiding is possible for use by non management people for inventory list purposes.
  • Finding any unit in the list or the scanner can be done by stock number or last 6 of the VIN.
  • Scanner talks verbalizing each unit’s situation of necessary.

Easy to label and check status and control inventory of all units.  /  Mobile Inventory Scanning  /  Label Vehicles  /   Missing Vehicles Report   /   Scanner already knows your current inventory  /   Scanner talks to alert you of exceptions   /   Do more with DealerTrack DMS:   a. Change unit lot locations  /   b. Track last scanned date.  /   c. Add units, not in inventory.  /  d. Use Chrome VIN explosion for better input of unit info!

Example label:


Features at a glance

Our Parts Wizard system is a wireless, instant posting system for the 3 major DMS providers. Order check-in, bin changing/adding, perpetual inventory (bin checks), and bin labeling are all part of our system!

  • Posts Orders to DMS as you scan
  • Totally wireless system and printer
  • Fully integrated to your DealerTrack DMS
  • Downloads Inventory & orders
  • Only 1 load per day required
  • Prints special order reports while scanning when order is complete
  • Verbal notifications:
    • Special Order
    • No Bin
    • Multiple orders
    • Qty greater than 1
  • 2 label sizes, 3 colors—white, green or yellow
  • All information prints on SO labels
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Fully trained installation staff
  • Maintenance on all hardware including batteries
  • Live Software support 7am to 7pm
  • Easy perpetual inventory with current O.H. and verbal notification.
  • Bin lookup and locating back to your DMS
  • Built in Scheduler for DMS Downloads
  • Scans AC Delco and Motor Craft UPC Codes
  • Bluetooth printer
  • Wireless label printing
  • Multiple Franchise support simultaneously

Major benefits:

Allows for full use of your DMSParts System

Cuts time in half

Parts to customers faster

Special Order Label contains customer and your dealership info

Autoloading of information

Totally wireless

Scanner talks giving attention alerts

Less expensive than the competition with superior functionality


We are constantly developing new modules and features

If you would like to learn about what we have in development or would like to make any suggestions to improving our products or adding new modules contact us.  We love to hear from our customers and prospective customers!


Interested? Contact us. We’re here to help!